PwrON 9.5V AC/DC Adapter for Casio ADE95100LU - Power Supply Charger for Casio Piano Keyboard - Only Compatible for Listed Models (6.6 Ft Long Cord)

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  • Compatibility: Casio keyboards SA-46 SA-47 SA76 SA-77 SA-78 LK-120 LK-125 LK-127 LK-160 LK-165 LK-170 LK-175 LK-190 LK-240 LK-247 LK-260 LK-265 LK-280 CTK-240 CTK-245 CTK-1100 CTK-1150 CTK-1200 CTK-2080 CTK-2300 CTK-2400 CTK-2550 CTK-3200 CTK-3500 CTK-4200 CTK-4400 WK-220 WK-225 WK-240 WK-245 XW-P1 and XW-G1
  • Safety: CE / FCC / RoHS certified, Over Voltage output Protection / Over Current output Protection / Short Circuit output Protection
  • Specification: 6.6 feet / Input: 100V-240V AC / Output: DC 9.5V, 1A
  • What You Get: 1pc Replacement Casio Keyboard Power Adapter, 12-month warranty and friendly customer service



Compatible with Casio Piano Keyboards:
✔SA Series: SA46, SA47, SA76, SA77, SA78,
✔CTK Series: CTK240 CTK245 CTK1100 CTK1150 CTK1200 CTK-2080 CTK2300 CTK3200 CTK 4200
✔LK Series: LK120, LK125, LK127, LK160, LK165, LK240, LK247, LK280
✔XW Series: XWG1, XWP1GD ,XWP1 , XWP1CO
✔WK Series: WK220, WK225

Note: Does not fits pedals,Piano keyboards with power ports of negative-tip